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As been the case every off-season, ESPN does a summer forecast to predict what will happen in the upcoming season through votes by the ESPN panel. Some of the predictions include player awards, East/West standings, and NBA Championship predictions.

On Monday, the ESPN panel gave out votes for who they think will make the 2017 All-Star game for the first time. Here's a list of the top five players with the most votes which was lead by Karl Anthony Towns.

1. Karl-Anthony Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves)-23 

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks)-22

3. DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers)-20

4. Kristaps Porzingis (New York Knicks)-16

5. Kemba Walker (Charlotte Hornets)-16

Hassan Whiteside was tied for ninth place with 8 votes, leading all Heat players who never played in an All-star game. Goran Dragic received 5 votes and Justise Winslow got one.

If Chris Bosh returns and plays at the level he did prior to the All-star break, he'll most likely represent the Heat in All-star game again. We'll have to see if any of other teammates will join him.

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ESPN report: Bosh expects to be medically cleared to play before training camp

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Monday afternoon, Chris Bosh posted Snapchat videos of him doing a basketball workout and told fans he was back.

On the same day, ESPN's Michael Wallace reportedthat the forward also expects to be cleared in time for the Heat's training camp, which starts on September 27th.

A league source told in July that Bosh is preparing to be available when training camp opens on Sept. 27 and expects to be medically cleared to rejoin the team.

However, Bosh cannot be cleared unless the Heat doctors believe he's good to go as well. Both sides are still having discussions about finding ways to get the star back on the court. Miami Herald's Barry Jackson reported last month that Bosh proposed playing on blood thinners and then coming off of them before game time, an idea the Heat are not fond of doing.

If Bosh is cleared and off of blood thinners, there's no question the Heat will allow him to play. If he has to retire, the Heat may have to consider applying for a medical waiver which would allow them to get Bosh's salary off the books. Despite suspicion from Bosh's camp, the Heat have strongly denied that they are trying to get rid of his contract. 

There's still no resolution yet, but there could be one soon within the next few weeks.

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He's back?

Not yet, but the Heat star has offered the first sign since being sidelined that his basketball future remains alive. Earlier today, Heat forward Chris Bosh posted a Snapchat video of him getting ready for a basketball workout. He then posted a video of him going through a non-contact basketball workout which included shooting and dribbling.

"I know I've been gone for a moment but now I'm back," Bosh said in one of his Snapchat videos, which was later posted to Twitter. "Everybody is always asking me, `Am I hoopin'?' Yes, I'm hoopin'. Absolutely. I'm a hooper."

Of course, nothing has changed. He still has to be cleared by a doctor that both the Heat and the player's union can agree on. Both the Heat and Chris Bosh are currently discussing  ways the all-star could return back on the court. The discussions have included coming off of thinners before game-time(Bosh's idea) or lessening the workload and travel schedule. As been mentioned thousands of times before, Heat president Pat Riley has said the team should learn more either this month or next.

However, it's still a good sign to see him begin working out before training camp begins. Starting the workouts now gives him enough time to get in shape for training camp should he get cleared within the next few weeks.

His wife, Adrienne Bosh, later posted an instagram post that said Bosh has been working out for months and that her husband would be back with the Heat this season.

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