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Hassan Whiteside responds to story about him taking shot at D.Wade

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Yesterday, Heat center Hassan Whiteside posted an instagram post about loyalty. The post read, "Even on bad terms loyalty shouldn't change."

Some Heat fans , including a Heat fan news site, believed he may have been throwing shade at former Heat guard Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade and the Heat's relationship obviously didn't end on the best of terms. After talks with the Heat went down, Wade would leave the only franchise he's played with throughout his NBA career for his hometown Chicago Bulls. Hassan Whiteside, however, remained on the Heat. So I can see why many would think it was directed at Wade.

When Hassan saw the article, he responded and made sure everyone knew he wasn't taking a shot at Dwyane Wade. 

I also doubt the post was directed at Wade as well. Whiteside has always said good things about Wade, who's been a mentor to him since he arrived to the Heat. It's very likely the post may have been about something his personal life.

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(Video) Goran Dragic talks about Dwyane Wade departure and Chris Bosh news

For the first time since he arrived with the Heat back in 2015, Goran Dragic will begin the season without playing alongside Dwyane Wade. Wade signed with his hometown Chicago Bulls after talks with the Heat went down.

Today, Goran Dragic spoke with reporters for the first time about not playing alongside Dwyane Wade again. Dragic was at the Miami Heat store in Dolphin Mall signing autographs for Heat fans.

"I was surprised," Dragic said while signing autographs at Dolphin Mall. "But, I wish him all the best in Chicago. He signed with them and thinks it's best for him. And I support that."

"The only thing I can think about right now is this team and try to get better," Dragic added.

He also responded to yesterday's news about his teammate Chris Bosh, who failed his physical yesterday. The Heat will begin next week's training camp without it's All-Star.

"I feel for Chris," Dragic said about Bosh. " We're playing basketball and unfortunately he cannot do that right now. I wish him all the best. We already survived without a lot of key players so hopefully we can do it this year."

With no Wade and for now Chris Bosh, the Heat will depend heavily on Goran Dragic to provide offense for that. When told this is now his team, Dragic didn't shy away from answering.

"I'm ready." Dragic said. "I already felt great at the end of last season. This year I'm in way better shape." 

Here's the full video (credit: Manny Navarro, Miami Herald)

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What's next for Chris Bosh and the Heat?

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Friday obviously wasn't the best day for Chris Bosh. After trying for months to get cleared to play, the 11-time All-star found out he failed his physical and won't get cleared. The Heat’s exams discovered “evidence of some continued clotting,” which is thought to be related to one of the previous blood clot episodes that sidelined Bosh for the last two seasons. This latest setback halts Bosh's comeback attempt.

So what's next for Chris Bosh and the Heat?

Well, the Heat still have the option to apply for salary cap relief around the one year anniversary of his last game(February 9th). This would allow the Heat to clear his contract off the books. It was originally reported a couple of months ago that Bosh would fight it, but Miami Herald's Barry Jackson believes he may not fight it.

“Now for that to happen,” Jackson said on WQAM's the Big O Show, “Bosh would need to be released from the roster at that point and then the doctor that would be approved by both the union and the league would have to rule that Bosh could not continue to play or that it would not be prudent for him to continue to play.

"Now at this point," Jackson continued. "It does not look like Bosh will fight that. He might change his mind. It’s conceivable maybe in two or three weeks or two or three months, he might decide he wants to fight it and wants to play again but as of this moment, Chris Bosh understands he is unable to play at this point. Now even if Bosh does fight this, though, I think the Heat now is in very good position to have his salary cleared from the cap."

Bosh will still get paid the $76 million he is owed by the Heat even if it doesn't count against the Heat's cap room. The Heat will be able to have at least 43 million available for next year's free agency to pursue free agents Blake Griffin, Paul Millsap, and longshots Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. 

One key thing Jackson also mentioned was that should Bosh return and play in 25 games for a different team, the last two years of his contract will return to the Heat's cap. However, that will likely happen after the Heat are able to use the remaining cap space in free agency. Additionally, Bosh's contract back on the cap would likely put the Heat way over the cap.

As for Bosh, he still not giving up on the idea of playing again. Last night, he released a video assuring his fans and others that he's still confident he can return at some point.

"Little setbacks happen. But that doesn't change my intentions and what I want to accomplish," Bosh said. "So I hope you continue to watch. I hope you continue to just take in my journey and just come along with me with the ups and downs. So it's a down moment right now, but everything's going to be alright."

In his 13 year career, Bosh has won two NBA championships, made 11 all-star appearances, and won a Gold medal in 2008. Last season, he led the Heat in scoring at 19.1 points per game.

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